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Should a parent be responsible for their child breaking an expensive item while visiting friends?

kids goofing around in livingroom - knocked over a plant - which hit a lamp - which clobbered into a "gemstone" globe received from inlaws at Christmas.They knew they were not to play in there - problem is they are not careful. Parents tend to think other kids should be watching theirs. They brought in hockey sticks etc. Now the globe is broken - cost $400 to replace.

unfortunatly we are responsible for our children until they are 18 on all levels. If put in that situation I would offer to make arrangements regarding the cost for replacement and have my children work it off!


Exactly what I thought - that way the children are learning as well !




The best solution would be to offer to pay for some of the replacement cost. Chances are they will refuse as it was a gife and not cash out of their pocket. This will teach your child much about doing the right thing and responsibility. Also about respect for others.

Now... You have $200 worth of chores to get back out of the kid even if they decline the money... If it were one of my boys... I have them start working on the $200 no mater what..

Good luck.. Sometimes bad things make the best lessons


It has to be replaced - Mother in Law will notice ! The Parents of the little dudes know this.


Oh yea - Thanks for the Good Luck ! I hope it all goes well.


Yes, you should offer to replace it or pay for it.


No, unless the kid is really young in which case you should be watching it closely.


As I had said the kids parents knew that their kids were not to play in there and the kids had been told many times as well. The kids are quite rough - not the dainty type..... The parents seem to think this is normal - but compared to my kids this is not normal. I had warned them of the cost etc. - they knew how I felt. Trying to understand why you feel the parents should not be responsible ? Because I'm getting that impression from them and I am trying to understand because I know if my child did that then I would pay for it. I would also get my child to pay it back ie. chores etc. But that would be between me and my child. The damage to them would be corrected. Enlighten me please.


I think I was on this to long when I answered that, having reread it I do think the parents should replace the item & kids should work off the debt to parent, however now I'm wondering why you allow these kinds of people in your house> They obviously have no respect. Just disregard my 1st answer I don't know what the heck I was thinking!


Yes, just like if you were in a store.


You Broke it - You Bought it ! Thats how I was raised too !
I don't think they understand that ?

M. L.:

i say yes, you should let them know you cant afford to replace it fully but you could replace it with another.

I'm Grandmas pride & joy:

Parents should either be "watching" or "minding" their children if they have the potential to cause "problems" like this. If damage occurs due to their inability or ineffective way in which they watch their children, then definatley they should take responsibility and pay for or replace the item broken.


Is a tough question. Do you feel responsible cause it was your kid? Were their kids involved in the goofing around too? Do your friends feel that you are responsible?
If you have the means to replace it and your child was more at fault than others, wouldn't you want to replace it.
This is really more a matter of conscience, means, and friendship, don't you think ?


I am the one that needs the property replaced. I am getting the impression that they don't feel responsible? I am trying to understand this because if it was my child and my friends I would have taken care of it right away.

E Z now:

Yes because the parent is responsible for everything that the child does and if the parents know that there are some expensive items there, then he or she should be axtra alert about what the child is doing. I learned the hard way. hopefully you don't.


You are responsible for ALL your kid's actions until they're 18 years old.


I think so.If the parents aren't properly watching their children while they're at your house then maybe you should talk to them about it.If they can't be understanding and persist on letting their kids run amuck,then maybe you shouldn't have them over any more.But then again,as hard as it is to lose something material,we still have to remember,they're just kids and accidents do happen.I think the parent should at least offer to replace the item.It's tough in a situation like that because what if the parents couldn't afford to replace it?I've been in a situation like that in my own home.I got upset,but I was gracious about it.I realize it's only a material object and that like I said kids have accidents!My item was more of a sentimental one,so I would say it was priceless.

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