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Do you know if your teenage son or daughter has a MySPace or Facebook account?

Most parents don't know about them.

My oldest daughter and my oldest son both have a myspace and so do I so I can see all they are doing. I also know their pass words and have most of thier friends on myspace as well. It helps me keep in touch with what my childrens friends are really up to. It also gives me and the children things to talk about. I hope you have a wonderful day/night
take care ~Lisa~


Passwords good.


Good for you!! I am glad you guys use it to stay in touch!


Check out this one, this is an example of what not to post for your parents to find..LOL


My son has one and I am on his friends list. I check it everyday. It does scare me when I hear the things that go on in cyber space. My son is a pretty smart kid and I hope I have taught him well.


That is the important thing. And from what I have been able to gather here you are on the right track Sunny. Good for you.


acctually im a teenager, and i have one, and guess what?
so yeah


Good for you! You rank high in my book of above average teens!!


Well, Chris, whatever that is - at least you have to log in to see it... ::perplexed and in no mood to sign up with facebook, as myspace is bad enough::


Okay, curiosity got the better of me - but what, is he sucking on a drainpipe? I don't get it...

Tyler#55 loves hill#32:

let them have wuts wrong with that


im 16 and i dont use myspace

i can resist dumb internet fads


be careful about sharing TMI.


what my age?


I know and in fact visited his space last night. I have to say that while I was a little worried, he's used pretty good taste and judgement. Either way, he isn't worried about sharing his life with me. I'm grateful for that.


Outstanding! I am gald to hear it. Your very lucky!


My kids don't, my younger ones don't use the computer, and my older son only uses it for homework occasionally or to look up cheats for his xbox games. I always know what they are doing (at this point anyway, I can't guarantee it will stay that way once they are older!!)


Yes, I do - and I'm on her friends' list. (I'm not in her top 8, though, and that really chaps my hide. She's MY #1, but do I even rank first page placement? Awwww, [email protected]!! no! 'scuse me... Yes, I know, I see her page.)

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