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If I said there won't be anymore gasoline in 30 years, would you believe me?

It's true...

nope. We will never, I repeat never, run out of gas. It will eventially be so expensive that it will no longer be used.


lol...I can see that happening.


Quite frankly I wouldn't believe anything you say.
Allow me to return your compliment that you paid me in another question. Your compliment was and I quote, "I'm sure if I squeezed you your little head it would spew sh!t everywhere", end of quote.
Truly a good testimony to your good upbringing, good manners and good education.
I am sure you are a credit to you family.


I'd say I was just joking but then it would be a lie.


no because we can make it out of grain and other ways


Yes, a gasoline alternative.


No I read somewhere(?) that the Gov. was afraid that the oil supply would run out in50 years and now they believe it'll last 20 years longer than that. I don't know if it's true or not.


but you asked about gasoline didn't you


yeah, crude oil.


realy seeing the future: man this break scientific rules by so many area: or in other words don't belive it -_-


Nope, just math and statistics

Brain freeze:


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