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I remember a news story when i was younger about a child being killed after much abuse and dumped...

in a garbage container outside Tiger Stadium in Detroit.(I am from michigan) How can people be so cruel? What is wrong with our society?

unfortunatly,the human capacity for kindness and mercy is dwarfed only and totally by the human capacity for violence and cruelty.


yes I agree wish I didn't have to though...peace blade..paul


I don't like to hear about those things, either. I have heard so many, over the years; and just can't see how anyone could do such cruel acts.
A child is so precious. It just hurts to see and hear about terrible things happening to them.
I know they have psychiatrists, that try to give explanations for it all; but, I just don't understand.


me either brenda, world is cruel...paul


You will never understand cruelty and evil because you have right thinking. I don't understand it either. I probably never will.


These sick people are everywhere, its sad.


yes to bad especially to children,I remember that from quite a while back and it still makes me sick.


people who are that creul usually have little or no conscience, or figure that killing someone willing someone will hide some heinious act they've commited. as for your other ?, society now a days celebrates death. the media has desensitized society


sad but true..thanks..paul


And if that was only a single occurrence....unfortunately, things do go wrong in people's minds. Violence and cruelty is in everyone of us. It is part of our nature. In many people it manifests itself more, to the level of uncontrollable and there you go...things like this happen.
What is more, it does happen daily, all over the world. I just read a few days ago that they found 3 very young children's bodies in a cellar somewhere in Germany.
It makes me sick, but you can't avoid being confronted with it. People who do such things, should be terminated straight away. They are a huge danger in the society!
Child abduction, abuse, murder... we should fight that!!!


hard telling how many just since I posted...thanks ..paul

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