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Car Makers Corporations Should Not Get Any Money,UnlessThey Hire Back All Laid Off Employees Agreed?

Fairness Of The Rescue Package, Must Include Exactly That Fairness!!! For Whom Big Corporationons Had Build Their Empires Assets...Its Employees!

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you certainly don't understand why the auto industries are in the trouble they are in do you? !5 billion on the bailout is going toward the 65 billion debt to the employees pension plan. So look at it this way is the government gave them 65 billion dollars they would be exactly where they are now.


That isn't going to happen. If they do get the cash, look for more automation and more robots on the assembly lines.


The best action regarding the plight of the auto industry was Jay Leno's. Have Oprah buy everyone a new car and this whole thing will be taken care of. $

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