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Expecting a child and 49, what are your feeling about raising a child today. 2 other children 20's


Wow, that's quite a spread between children but I think you will be fine. At least you know what goes where and why by now. You can do it. Just take care of yourself. Other women have done it much later then that. I, personally, wouldn't have liked it. Oh, I can't really say that. I have a totally different husband than I did with my daughter and have often wished I had had his child. Now these women that have them in their late 50's and and early 60's, they are just plain nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i had my last son at 36. i got oh my gods and are you crazy at that age. enjoy your baby. If you keep yourself healthy you will be o.k. congratulations !


Well, firstly, congrats! I think the age difference between your children will not be that much of a problem, you won't need to worry about squabbles! Take care of yourself, and also, your elder children will be able to help you. Everything should be fine.


what made you think like this I would never suggest & go on read here also

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