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Sould religious groups be allowed to run schools for children?




They already do? I went to a grade school and high school run by a catholic diocese. I despise their indoctrination methods. Luckily, my AP biology teacher showed me a new light. While my pompous, self-righteous religion teachers showed me the real light behind religion....I found it to be dark.




some do and do a good job of it look a nd


That should be the parent's decision. when they sober up. sorry just the way I feel.


well many do, i attended a private Lutheran school all the way till the tenth grade, public thereafter. i think its a matter of personal choice. people are allowed to home school and teach religion. also, most of your private schools are more effective than most public school systems. this is demonstrated through the huge differences in high school graduations. private schools have much higher graduation rates.


I agree that they are more effective. I was just wondering why you think private schools are more effective? In my opinion it is because they can do more to discipline the children.


well when i went into the public school system, it was a huge shock to me , honestly. and that was in my day. im not for school discipline in the physical sense, i think that's the parents job, although i did get the paddle a couple times while attending, i think if parents are doing their job, its not such an issue at school. overall, i would say their was a obvious huge difference in moral fiber. i think its mostly attributed to the moral teachings of respect, love, God, most of these kids get this at home and at school. may the force be with you buenare.

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Tune in to CNN at 9 PM (EDT) tonight (Tuesday) for the first of three 2-hour presentations on "God's Warroirs" and maybe you can find an answer to your question

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