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M. L.

Are you raising sissy kids who don't know how to play tag?


not me... no sirree... my kids could play a mean game of tag...

M. L.:

Me either. They love to play dodge ball also.


My kids are always playing some sort of version of tag. It gets really bad when we are all in the car....remember there are 5 of them... all I hear is you are it; no YOU ARE IT; mom tell him he is it; haha; it does make me laugh though:)


I know how ta play tag........TAG!!! YOU'RE IT!!!! :>)

M. L.:

oK, but not for long.


Yup, you're IT again!!!!

M. L.:

Well, i am going to bed now.... goodnight.


Sweet dreams, angela..... :>)


My kids play Manhunt...which I believe is a version of hide n seek and tag...only you play it at night...they play for hours, you can hear them screaming outside till 10:00 pm.

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