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What was the biggest mistake your parents made while raising you??

maybe we can learn from this....

oh, where should i start? well they didnt allow me to express my feelings, they didnt teach me to stand up for myself, they didnt teach me to think for myself, they didnt teach me how my actions can impact others, they didnt teach me to be responsible. they disowned me a long time ago after doing such a fine job raising me, and fortunately i have learned these lessons for myself.




From me too and ♥♥♥♥♥


thanks guys. so sweet.

Whiter than God:

Choosing to stay with an abusive man instead of keeping me. I was 'given-up' for adoption when I was 8.


oh my - this is sad... my heart goes out to you... I hope that you are ok now

Joshua Cromer:

I can relate to that. I do hope you're fine now. I know all too well how long it can take to come to terms with this kind of pain. Be blessed :)


you too Yvonne... I hope all it well with you now... xoxo


Good bless Steven.


i know u arent a child anymore, but i just want to hug u. poor baby


I don't think they made any mistakes at all. I have to give them a lot of credit for making the person I am today. Good question...:)


My parents' used to let me go to my grandma's house a lot and when they saw that I was getting attached, they stopped letting me visit.


That was cruel both for you and for your grandma.

Joshua Cromer:

It's hard to say, I've never met my father and my mother gave me up to the state when I was four...some would say that was the best thing she could have done for me...perhaps her greatest mistake was not doing it my earliest memories are pretty frightening...


I hope you are over all that Ivonne. All the best. ♥


I am so sorry, have you seek help? My best wishes for you.

Joshua Cromer:

thank you both, and yes, I'm doing just fine. I'm a mom now and I can lavish my son with all the love I never got. God's blessed me in too many ways to mention and I'm a better person for all of it. I hope you're blessed as well and have a lovely day ;)


Thinking I was smarter than I am.

Dr. Wolfman:

my dad stayed "out" of the decision making totally, and let my mom be "the boss".... well, my dad should have helped, i needed to have seen a stronger father figure I think.... even so, all turned out ok :)


Teaching me to reach for the sky. It's my greatest downfall and accomplishment. On one hand, it motivates me to acheive great things, but on the other hand I am never truly satisfied with myself.


they were never home so i don't know

Suzanne: birth?


You are not a mistake Kimberly... have a wonderful day!!

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