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Does anyone think that Madeline Mccanns parents did murder their daughter?

Or do people think she really was abducted ?Murder,missing,conspirosy?

I followed this case closely and I don't believe for 1 moment that they were in any way involved in their daughters disappearance.

They're at most guilty of neglect, since they didn't take the proper precautions.

Why do you suspect them?


Well from what the news in the uk has been saying their was blood found in the back of the Mccanns hire car that was Madelines.Portuguese police have said that they feel that they gave Madeline sleeping tablets and she overdosed ,so they murdered her by accident and then covered it up.
Saying that they have apparently had sightings of Madeline in Morocco , so not entirely sure?


Oh I see. It's been a while since I updated myself on this issue. Though I can only offer an uninformed opinion, I must say that I can't imagine any parent taking those radical steps in such a case. I don't think it's a normal reaction. Tragic either way.


Looks as if my morning newspapers (Gulf News and Khaleej Times) were the only ones that didn't run this updated story. Thank you. It was informative (though disturbing).


You seem very on top of recent news .
Thanks for your input .


I believe they did murder madeline because my theory is tht maddie was on sedatives to help her sleep, but her mum gave her an overdose, and accidentaly killed her. then when gerry came back to the uk, he used his hospital incenerator to dispose the body and evidence.


Ok, I read the morning paper today and there's a bunch of theories about her disappearance. I think that her parents had something to do with it, I'm still not sure what. But they are just so passive about it... It has been said that the girl had been killed before she had been taken from the place where they had stayed. And also they rented a car after her disappearance and investigators found girl's blood in it...


Everything seems a bit weird in this case. 1. They leave their children to go out to eat - if its a family holiday why not have family meals. 2. How can anyone have so much publicity when they have lost a child- I would want to go about life quietly and keep searching also keeping close eye on the twins


I hate to think that her parents did anything to her, but I am leaning that way. I also think something happened to her and they are trying to cover it up.

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