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Any 2007 regrets?And any advice on becoming a writer?


As a lifelong freelance and technical writer, I would recommend that you pick up a copy of the writer's "bible", the 2007 Writer's Market ...​d_pt_2_0/105-1292384-5782855

Other useful books might include the Freelance Writer's Bible ...​79505851

Everyone fancies themselves to be an author. Unfortunately, precious few writer's EVER make the "big time". English composition is essential. Talent is, as well. A good agent is almost always required. Money certainly helps.

If I haven't killed your spirit yet, good luck.


American Chronicle: So, You Want to be a Writer?Despite my obvious lack of qualifications and credibility to advise anyone on becoming a writer, I regularly receive feedback that people enjoy my writing ... - 22k
And No I have no regrets for 2007! It has been good to me!

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