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Have you noticed even the kids cartoons are entirely based on violence !!


I dont watch too many cartoons any more, my son is now a teen, but there has always been violence in cartoons, the road runner, tom and jerry, bugs bunny, pop eye etc etc, and then when they make a non violent cartoon, such as sponge bob square pants, the poor cartoon characters are accused of being homo sexual.:(


They use to have a somewhat humorous overtone though now I can't see ANYTHING at all even remotely funny most of them:(

Aquarius the Brett:

I met a lot of kids that are naturally based on violence too, maybe they watch those cartoons like good little terrors!


If you look back at Tom and Jerry, they were violent all the time and rap music was not around yet (thank God!) So go figure!


Yes! Look how young kids are that start watching them, I think their pretty much screwed by the time parents can blame rap music:)


yeah .(


Unless you want the kids to watch lame brain junk, we are so limited. Voilent cartoons have always been around, it's just the level of violence that has changed..We allow the disney channel mostly, and Discovery for the youngest.

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