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M. L.

Can the child support division freeze bank accounts even though they are taking it out of paychecks?

How much do you have to owe for this to happen??

In Minnesota, they can also suspend your driver's license. Seizing property or funds is child's play for government.


It varies from state to state, situation to situation. Can you call your attorney to ask specific questions? Good luck!

M. L.:

I will have to look into it.. thank you.


They can, but deductions from a paycheck should also include back as well as current payments. Without a reason, it is not likely.

M. L.:

They do, and my ex claims that it is the child support divisions fault... but i seem to think its their faults..


I said without a reason, and know they can.


Yes they can and have here in Michigan:)

M. L.:

Well, its about time they started getting a handle it.


Yep, Snorty knows ; )


Also they cant if you are getting child support tho


Even if you have 2 accounts with them

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