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To what age do mothers breastfeed their babies in other countries? In America it is about 12 months


I'm really not sure about other countries. I guess it's up to the individual.
I had a friend from Japan that said they use to breastfeed until first or second grade. That was a long time ago, though.
I am from America and breastfed my children for two years each. They never got sick and were very healthy. Oh, and sooooo much easier. :)


Also, my daughter breastfed my granddaughter for two years. :)

Vaughn Allen:

It varies for all women in all countries there is no stead and fast rule. The optimum breast feeding time that is best for mother and baby is 2 years.
Some mothers want to breast feed from day one and cant. Some mothers are perfectly fit to breast feed from day one and don't. Its a personal issue for every woman.


I saw on the Maury show a lady still breast feeding her 10 year old child. There should be a law. I am afraid to find out what other countries do.


10? wow! how could she possibly have anything left to feed him? those suckers must be down to her feet by now....


never did breast feed, I had them off the bottle by 1 year....

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