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What are your feelings about killing a handicapped child at birth?


i think i should delete this question but how?


rotting in prison comes to my mind /thoughts /burn in hell is a thought , do other countries do this ? i know other countries have a thing when it comes to having to many baby girls born ,/burning in hell still comes to my mind /thoughts ......god bless all the babys


because in my country we do that.. if the doctor found out the baby is handicapped or have any other serious illnesses they will counseling the family .. if they don't want the baby the doctor will do DNC or operate. They do this because they don't want the baby to suffer in the future.


what country are you from ?and where do you live now ?i do not believe in abortions at all any way or form of abortion ,but i do know of other countries where they do that even if the mother objects ,to me that is a cruel country , i would not want to live there .i feel that every child has a soul... special ..even if they are not right in the mind or they are physically handicapped ,i have a cousin who has spinal bifida ,and what a wonderful person she is, i know several people who are handicapped and get on with every day life just fine ,god will not want some one to pick and choose do you understand what i am saying ?you are either contemplating this action or fighting against it ,if you live here you are free to choose but i think that is a shame ,i know a man who has only one leg and he coaches little league ball ,i believe in the right to live ...god bless you who ever you are


Are you Insane? Do you really expect a single supportive answer!


I'm with you on this one elexa.


I hope she doesn't work in pediatrics!!


My feelings are that is disgusting. Why on earth would anyone think it would be alright to kill a baby no matter what your reason is. My neighbors child has been in a wheel chair his whole life and he is one of the happiest people you could meet.

If you were talking about mentally handicapped, then I say spend some time with children and adults who are mentally handicapped they are the most innocent people and they have so much joy inside of them. why anyone would hurt them is beyond my comprehension.

Take care


Unless there's a Hannible Lector-type individual on here, you're not going to get a single answer with an ounce of support for this idea. Nobody can argue that it's not murder just because it might not be able to walk.


i had a lady come to me with this decision she was contemplating. immediately i was furious inside and tried to not show it. if you are man and woman enough to lay down and create this life then you should be responsible for this life.




Only Obama would approve this question...


I didn't watch the video, but if it's about what I think it is, that was debunked when that internet rumor/republican attack ad came out.


I agree...

Lore Legend:

I hope no handicap people see this.


YOu can't delete the question.


You Are A Very EVIL Person, Wicked Witch.


This question is very disturbing! What do you have on your mind?

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