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Have you heard this? My a.m. local news is reporting that in the letters from the children to

santa's north pole-the children are asking to be able to keep or stay in their houses and jobs for their parents-among other things. This bad economy affects everyone.

Santa is getting some heart-wrenching letters at the North Pole, too. Denise Griffitts of Lafayette, La., volunteers for Operation Santa Claus, answering about 250 letters a year from children in her area.
"They're not asking for a Wii or an Xbox. They're asking for personal care items, they're asking for school supplies, they're asking for warm clothing," Griffitts said


For more information about the USPS Operation Santa Claus program that answers “Dear Santa” letters from needy children each Christms, please visit our website at
Merry Christmas!


That is very sad when children are pleading for essentials for living! God Bless Them! So sad!


So true LISA-007


Yes, and the parents that are hearing their kids ask Santa for those things have a hard time holding back the tears. Children understand more than they are given credit for. Bless their little hearts. I pray that God gives the parents a way to give those true kind hearted kids a great Christmas.


Wow, I had not heard of this.


hey life can be tuff


For more information about the USPS Operation Santa Claus program that answers “Dear Santa” letters from needy children each Christms, please visit our website at
Merry Christmas!

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