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how, or is it even possible to separate hydrogen and oxygen in water?


Yes. Use electriscy and some cool beakers and stuff.
Very expensive, and might be deadly, so get help form an adult. Time for nity-nite!!!

Ace Investor:

Yes, it is possible to seperate the hydrogen and oxygen ions in water.

Using electricity, the method of electrolsys, an electric current passes through the water will produce enough current to seperate the ions.

Ofcourse it is much more complicated than this, but yes, it is possible.

More indepth, you can calculate the energy distribution in order to seperate the ions using energy transformation forumlas.


Electrolysis of water is an electrolytic process which decomposes water into oxygen and hydrogen gas with the aid of an electric current, where a power source from a 6 volt battery is commonly used. The electrolysis cell consists of two electrodes (usually an inert metal such as platinum) submerged in an electrolyte and connected to opposite poles of a source of direct current.

For more info and some nifty diagrams:


by using a catalyst and electricity is is possible to seperate the hydrogen from the oxygen in water.


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