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The 700 billion dollar bailout deal by the US Government or more Wells Fargos?

Wells Fargo and Co. is in the process of acquiring Wachovia Corp. for 15.1 billion dollars. Should the US Government wait to see if other Wells Fargos are going to buy troubled banks and investment companies or continue with their own 700 billion dollar bailout plan?

I am stuck in a very bad situation here. My daughters' college loan for this semester, close to 40K, was processed through Wachovia. I just got a notice that they will no longer offer any more loans for college and that I should begin looking for a lender NOW for next semester. Does this mean that I can wait for Wells Fargo to take over, and then ask them to renew the loan next term? Many banks have decided not to make any college loans because of the high default rate. This makes the process even harder .... and if you don't have absolutely A+ perfect credit, your child won't be able to go to college... community college or anywhere else. We are waiting for the other shoe to drop......


Have you checked with the school. They need the answer as bad as you so I'd ask them : )


What I am hearing is in the bailout is a far cry from what anyone would suspect 'would' be in it. It looks like another scam for our money. I want the government out of it now. I would like them to take this opportunity to just get out. Leave my taxes where they are and have wall street start doing some stuff differently. Like buying the good with the bad that goes with a company when they buy it out. Leaving the investors holding the bag.


instead of -leaving the investors holding the bag

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