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my son is returning from iraq,i asked my employer for unpaid time off,denied. please help!!!

Core 2 Duo:

Hey Linda, I don't know what branch your son served in but I am Ret. Army tell him I said Hooah, glad to see him home.


What a jerk of a boss you have - my gosh!!

Core 2 Duo:

If you are that valued of an employee that you cannot take time off, you should consider using a little leverage in the way you talk with him (your boss) and if he is still a mean person, find another job and tell him you quit, your son and you need time together for family reasons and if he (your boss) cant understand that, do you really want to work for him?


Sounds like a grump. Unpaid time off? Sounds doable to me.


P.S., whether he (your employer) agrees with what we are doing over there or not, your son signed up to service the country we live in. I would think he should deserve some gratitude and respect for that. I give you the week off, but might want to run that by your boss. :)


Call in sick...but first you have to LIE and tell your boss your son is not coming home on date you already requested off...don't you get sick or vacation days? Where do you work...Luthercorp????? You have is the time to investigate them....good luck, and give your son a BIG HUG AND KISS AND THANK YOU FROM ME...<;-)


that's GREAT advice!!! ;)


Sounds like your employer does not support our troops...he must not be worried about people doing business elsewhere.

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