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Thessalonius II

What state(s) do you consider to be business friendly?

A buddy of mine is moving from MA to GA to relocate his business operations between GA and NH. He is doing so to take advantage of the transparency and the lower taxes available in both and likes that GA has resources that can't be found in other even lower tax states (Wyoming, Alaska). I persoannally favor VA, SC and TX.

Good luck to him on his move! I agree that NH is more business friendly than MA. In fact, NH is doing everything they can to lure businesses from here (tours, lunches, etc...)

Thessalonius II:

Isn't it sad. The state is losing people and capital left and right and yet, they keep thinking that driving up business taxes will perpetually increase revenues. It's a great place that is run by a dog and pony show.


Gotta Love Cadillac Deval and his loyal cronies! Did you hear the one about how MA is trying to get NH businesses to collect MA sales taxes from MA residents? Plus they want to raise the sales tax 1%, and double tolls (another good one was how the MA Turnpike, which has not officially voted to raise tolls, handed out toll tickets with the new rates on them.) I love this state!


Depends on whether it qualifies as a "small business"...everyone wants to say Delaware , but it is usually better to domicile in the state you do business from, and maintain your official address...
then you will avoid allocation of tax liability...and believe me, that can be BRUTAL !
Hello, T.

Thessalonius II:

Hey Russ. He is is using NH as an HQ for his norteastern operations (sorry for not being more clear). Although he is moving his operation (home based) to GA, the majority of the administrative work will still be up north. He also plans to have a trust set up in FL to shelter his nest egg from lawsuits. Coming from MA, he is altogether too painfully aware of, uh, attorneys. He is just exhausted of the stuff that the MA legislature is doing. The NH angle may prove to be the lesser of the two, he is still sorting things out. Having a small hotel in the Berkshires myself, I understand his pain (9.5% corporate, with an ever rising cap gains) if that state isn't careful, there won't be anyone left to fund the place.


Seperate corporations? If not...trouble behind, trouble ahead...


keep me posted...will help if i can, T.

Thessalonius II:

It is just the one. I believe that NH lacking an income tax and having much less in the way of regulation makes doing business in New England easier for him. His company is such that having an office up there is really just a matter of convenience and the new domecile is indeed Atlanta. One of MA's biggest problems right now is that many businesses are fleeing up to there thanks to their labyrinthine beauracracy, getting permits is often a multi-year undertaking and by having the necessary operations for his current customers up in NH he will still have easy access to them. My memory is suffering from road daze at the moment and isn't serving me well here. Thanks for offering advice, he is on Live as Andy, da man. (I set the account up for him, hence the stupid name)


Utah, Idaho, montana, wyoming, north and south dakota, kansas nebraska mississippi and arkansas

Thessalonius II:

Interesting how those states are rather remote. As a former farm kid myself, I admire the shrewdness that educated rednecks employ.


Don't come to Washington unless you love being taxed up the you know what.

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