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Drakened Light

What causes hydrogen peroxide to fizz?

Does it mean that it's killing germs when it fizzes?

It is an unstable compound. The foam is oxygen,as it breaks down to water and oxygen.


No, it means that it's losing oxygen molecules because it is oxidizing something rapidly...heard of anti-oxidants? this' the opposite, it causes cells to come apart, it destroys anaerobic bacteria pretty well, but it speeds the growth of aerobic bacteria (like with in-situ bioremediation).


- The unstability in molecular structure. Hydrogen peroxide's molecular structure is H2O2, while that of water, which is stable because the number of valance electron is balanced (+1 from H, +1 from another H and -2 from O, sum=0), is H2O. Oxygen one atom is excess in H2O2. This is the driving force for fizzing.
- If there are germs, yes. If there are not, your hydrogen peroxide is not killing germs and it's still fizzing anyway.

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