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Do you have any tips for a first timer regarding opening a restaurant?


Set your price with room to spare for supplier cost increases but still within reach for your customer. You never want to raise your prices the first year or two if you can help it as the second year is when you know what your business will do.

Set specials that you know will sell and stick with them so your customers will know you are reliable. You can always have a daily special and offer a second special if you have a lot of something to get rid of. Consistency of price, portion, quality of food/taste and specials are what makes the experience good for a restaurant.




yeah know how to cook!
lol actually I really mean that, to many people open restaurant and serve slop.. so thats my tip.
it would be good if you could come up with a signature dish.




Do lots and lots and lots of research first. Then do more research. Talk to as many restauranteers as you can. Most restaurants fail early on and it would be very hard to get financial backing especially in today's climate. Do you work in a restaurant? Get a job in a restaurant (of similar type and size as you're thinking of opening)... and be willing to dedicate your every waking moment to its success. I'd urge you to spend these next couple of years getting ready and launch your business when the economy turns around. Best of luck, Mike!




Yeah, I have a tip for you... search with the keywords 'restaraunt blog' and 'restaraunt management blog' and scan the results to find advice, clever insight and restaraunt stories of all types...


So that is your "polite" way of saying; "do your own research" huh?

ALX:'s my polite way of pointing out a good place to look. I suppose that you think checking for blogs in your field is a bad idea...??

Michael K:

Serve 40 ounce beers for 5 bucks.


Could catch on Swifty! =)


Know how to cook and know how to be friendly. That together will surely fill you place up and keep them coming back.


YES, Don't do it! I needed a break from a very difficult profession. I thought a restaurant would be fun. HA! It was without a doubt the hardest physical work I have ever done. Restaurant employees,(not all)
are notoriously irresponsible, or perhaps I was hiring college students who knew they would not be doing it as a career. I did well because it had a following. It would be wise to take our present day economy into consideration. people are not eating as often.

Dollar brand:

A long with the other answers, a good location, that will get many attention, good parking, good tasting foods, attractive decor and comfortable financially capable.

Vietnam Vet:

Call Gordon Ramsey. Or watch "Kitchen Nitemares".

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