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Why has America always had a two-party system?

i need reasons and if you can give me webpages of where more info could be

because there are always 2 sides to everything


#1, You really should just do your own homework, if that's what this is for. Check your history textbook...there's probably a clue there.

#2, There are more than two political parties, but as previous poster said, it just appears that there are only two. A two-party system is what's dominant, but it's not exclusive of other parties and candidates.

Something to think about...when toddlers start making their own decisions, it's impossible to get them to make a choice without limiting their options. They aren't able yet to open the pantry, look at aaaaall the snack options, and pick one (unless they went looking for something specific in the first place). Parents learn to let their child have a little independence while making it easier on the child to make a choice by offering fewer options: Would you like an apple, or raisins? Do you want to wear the blue shirt, or the red sweater?

Even for adults, fewer choices makes a decision less confusing. IE, for those who don't feel like researching candidates and issues and such, it is easier to look at the broader picture of "red versus blue" and choose either a Republican or Democrate candidate, rather than open up more cans of worms that are Libertarians, Green Party, Independents, etc.

Politics is not so black and white as voters like to feel it is. When it can be narrowed down to 'our guy' and 'their guy', the issues that are at stake, voting history, personal history, and other facts that should play a role in any informed decision are tossed aside for the sake of convenience.

Yur Naem:

good answer.

Yur Naem:

I think it was meant to have more then a two party system. It is the voters who has made it appear to be a two party system.

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