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What are some of the best methods or websites to teach me how to producing BIO DIESEL from veg oil?

A neighbor wants' to give me a homemade "Apple Seed" processor he designed and built inside of his own garage. I want to learn to produce diesel fuel and is it really worth the time and effort economically to do ? Would the use of this fuel be considered going green in a way ? Are there less pollutants as a byproduct of the use of this fuel in a passenger vehicle ?

produce, sorry

Literally Speaking ™:

To lazy to use google? Then write your congress and ask them.


This is a QnA site. Google or not, it's questions and answers. You got points for this remark that should have been under comments and not an answer.


I know a fellow that has one at his shop. Big electric water heater (to hold the oil) A pump, some filters and a collection tank. He set it up for fun, used it a couple of time to power an older Mercedes and stopped. He didn't like smelling like old French fries! Messy job. And... you have to collect the oil. How much gas does that waste? And then there is the time factor. Most likely the end result costs you more than buying it at the pump.

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A guy I work with produces bio diesel at home and it costs him less than $0.40/gal but he also has family with a restaurant to provide the used oil for free.


The "supply" is a big factor in lowering the cost. Just like the real world! Amazing, huh.
At time I visited this shop, the bio unit had been "retired" to a back corner as a parts shelf.

Literally Speaking ™:

Yeah and the other factor is it takes a long time to make any amount to do anything with, not to mention he had to get a storage tank and pump to dispence it, he might break even in about 5 years, then his fuel will be relatively free.


The labor factor kills the savings in a hurry.


at let's $4 a gal for diesel verses $.40 to make it .... let's that's a saving of $3.60 a gal. $5000 capital investment for equipment making 100 gal a month paid off in 14 months and OMG maybe he will have to give up computer time to make it. @ 20 hr a batch it would be like making $16hr with no taxes(I don't make that wage to make a living). I know there are other variables that i'm not taking into consideration. I usually have a lot of respect for your (lit and pb) narratives but this time I had sit back and scratch my head


I got the equipment for free and the guy is even going tom help me reinstall it. The only expense will be a hot water heater, which I am prepared to purchase. Any dangers of using a propane heater vs. electric ?


Watch the heat. Super hot oil could be very dangerous. Install a temp gauge.

Slap Daddy:

here ya go, seems pretty descriptive.


Thank you Slap Daddy.


Heard this on the radio : let us know when you make your first gallon

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