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Doctor Woot

Good morning everyone, yup me again. Answered the phone again. Called in on my day off?

How many of you pick up the phone no matter what even if you know its the job and you are more as not going too get called in, because someone else for whatever the reason can't make it too work?
Gemz Star!:

Been there, done that. Some of us always have to compensate for the slackers. Make sure you get a little something for your inconvenience or the next time don't pick up.

Doctor Woot:

Welcome too Q&A in case no one has said it yet. And that is the point. Why is it you think some of us always "pick up the phone"...LOL besides the gov takes most of it....

Gemz Star!:

Why pick up? Because you're a "doer". You don't sit around on your a__ while the rest of us get the job done. And thanks for the welcome. I hope to make a positive contribution once I learn how to use this properly. Have a good one and keep your head down.

Doctor Woot:

Better down than up and locked....LOL and you are welcome.


Icalled in just so you could get the extra hours while I enjoy the holidays & such....seriously get answering machine to screen your calls

Doctor Woot:

ROCLMAO Hi ya spazza hey what happened too your second star? I vote a lot wha happened.


I love my caller i.d. Can always screen my calls, and if I happen to miss someone I actually want to talk to (say, cuz my hands are full of tea and cookies!) I can call them back when I'm ready to talk


Not me. I don't like talking on the phone anyway. I generally screen my calls. Or I listen to who it is and choose the time I will call back.

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