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How do I Install .jar Games On My Sony Ericsson Phone (Z610i)?

I Don't Know Know How To Install Them And My Manual Doesnt Say A Thing About Installing GAmes And Programs In My Phone And I Seriously Do Not Want To Spoil My Phone

do you have the .jar files on your computer? if so, just copy the whole thing (they may appear as zipped files if you have software such as WIN RAW or WIN Zip installed) into the 'Other' folder on your phone, then use your phone to navigate to the other folder, that java file will appear in there, and then just click on it to install it. ( i have used SE phones all my life and have never damaged one by doing this so in my eyes you're pretty safe)


You can just go to sony and to to the downloads secton for your phone. THen you select the app. and u msg a code(given on the site) to a specific # (given on the ssite) which will spawn the download.

the payment willl be charged to your phone bill

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