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CLIC HERE IF YOU MOURN FOR THE PEOPLE WHO DIED IN 9/11/01 . Leave A special message beind too.

I want to set this up because over 1000 lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks in NYC at the Twin Towers at 900 am EST and many people still are mourning this moment today. At school, I was very emotional. I'm sure many of you were too. Please click!

Sure! I am very sad today as well. It must be even tougher for those who lost friends and family members!
May they all have peace! ♥


I pray for all those who lost families, friends, the people working to save people, those who were working to find the planes, the 911 operators who had the phone calls, and for those who see it all happen first hand. I pray All of them find comfort and peace in their lives.

take care ~Lisa~


Yes, I have been thinking of those who were lost and their loved ones today. Thank you.


My heart goes out to all of those who lost a loved on this day...Many prayers and candles will be lit in there honor:)


May you rest in peace! We will never forget our heroes who died that horrible day! GOD BLESS YOU!


yes I mourn for four cousins who lost there lives that day, may they rest in peace and may the lives of all the remaining members of all the families find comfort and peace hereafter.

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