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The State of New York is investigating due to the content the site permits...

...they are investigating "due to the apparent lack of control the site has in restricting pornographic pictures and other similar content and they are unable to sufficiently protect children from exposure to this content." a reporter stated. They paraphrased the statement from the Attorney General of New York State.Facebook is a social networking site and has similar abilities as Spaces offers for users to see profiles of others.How should we interpret this investigation of one site vs what happens here at QnA...?

I believe there is more control on QnA because it is more of a Community. If some one seems to be on the prey it doesn't last long. However on Myspace they yanked over 23,000 level 2 & 3 sex offenders. As a parent , you need to know what your kid is doing. And in any case use common sense!


Did you know that many of them came here and the Team had to remove several deviants that same month that were found by QnA users?

I would consider this something to watch for EVERY day here.

Thankfully as you have stated there are excellent and caring users who report that type of user.


Wow, did not know that. I will keep a closer eye!


Well, I don't think we have much pornography on this site -- although I do remember one particular Avatar that drove us MADDDD for a weekend! I'm not sure we have much to protect children from on this site, really. It gets out of hand...but it's not anything they wouldn't read elsewhere. And maybe it's even good for them -- for we often are adults acting like children here!! I can't really equate the two for you, MJM. In mind there's no comparison of content between the two.


There is quite a bit here if you look for it that children should not read. BUT I agree the community does watch and deal with people who are posting dangerous things.

I would give you key words to put in but the children would see them and get curious...stuff they really should not see and would put QnA in a similar situation if it were not tagged mature content.

I suspect that is why QnA insists adults tag "mature content" when it is something only adults should discuss simply to avoid investigations such as this.

I would rather tag mature content than have something similar happen.

Do people have a stigma that they will be looked at as scum if they participate in mature content?

Originally mature content was about medical questions that discussed body parts with medical conditions or confusion about orientation. It was very limited. Now it is about a LOT more. Could this be part of the problem? People assume if you participate in mature content questions you are there for se*ual reasons?


thats good to know. i like to be aware of these things. that's the first i heard of it. but im sure it wont be the last. here, people have the choice to show their face or not. there are moderators who try to keep things under control. and users also. the people who care about the community here, do their best to keep things from getting too crazy here. i think we need to protect our kids as much possible from these types of things. its sad that these things happen and what they can lead to. im scared for my kids. may god protect all our children.


I have stated many times that we have to be adults here even when it is not convenient or spoils our fun because so much can go so badly so quickly.

I agree that many parents are totally absent when their children should be monitored.


I think it is similar to Spaces here, and there have been some nasty sites that pop up from time to time. They do seem to get wiped quickly tho.


If this site was investigated, I know they would not find any porn. But if they were scouting for trolls or imposters, there may be a few around that I would gladly hand over!


Lisa, you need to know that as a psychologist I know some key words to search and it is there. It is in the mature content section which is good but there are people who discuss it in terms that are not common speech.

People who are in the lifestyle know what is meant but many who are not have no clue what is being discussed. Some of these statements are crafted that they can be answered both just depends on if you know what they are saying.

Also it is a way for predators to know if a child has been molded previously by a child molester. If they understand the language or are open to it they will then know who they should pursue for their activities.

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