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How do i cancel my subscription to Verizon Wireless games online?

I canceled some games on my phone but MyVerizon says that they are still active.

Ok, now if I got it right, you cancelled your games online from this website, you clicked "Add / Remove Features" signed in and cancelled it (games), right? Link: Next: Change your plan at any time with no fee or contract extension.*As your needs change, you can move to any current plan without paying a fee or extending your contract. * Some plans are only available with specific equipment. Acceptance of a promotion may require a new one- or two-year agreement. Customer will be limited to two plan changes per billing cycle. Link:​ANTEE&jspName=support/worryFree.jsp Personally I think that you need to give them a call:
Customer Service Dial *611 from your cell phone (800) 922-0204 Monday-Sunday 6am-11pm Link: Give them your account number, tell them what you want, what you did, and go from there. That will work. They want to have happy customers.


Or of course you can get answers now: You’ll get exceptional customer service with our team of certified wireless experts. We’re here to help you when and how you need it. Come into a Verizon Communications store — or just call us or go online for 24 / 7 assistance! Link:​ANTEE&jspName=support/worryFree.jsp So login to Myverizon and go to support online.

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