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Do Countries have laws against defacing other Countries currency?

OrDo all countries even have laws about defacing their own currency?

Most countries have laws against the defacing and counterfeiting of their OWN currency, but I cannot think of a single country that has laws against the defacing of another nation's currency.


Generally, most governments tend to deBASE their own currency. ;-)


Some of us... I mean them are doing a better job then others at it.


What keeps other Countries from duplicating other countries currencies? Other governments have access basically to the same machines and materials to duplicate them (almost) exactly?


There was supposed to be only one other in that first sentence.


A massive amount of counterfeit US currency comes from North Korea.


I think any country would LOVE IT if you burned your paper money; that would make them profit. :)
I'm sure that I can take care of that for you, if you want to send the money to me. ROFLMBO!!!


Not to fast! I still have a little trust in the economy before I give in to the Ceeceesian economics idea!

You should have your own ROFLMCHO (CH = Cheese Head) ;)


I LIKE that! "ROFLMCHO" lol


Most laws don't cross borders, that's how wars start.
Here's one reference about Japan's laws re defacing money:​e.htm


One aspect of the Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud involves victims being informed of the existence of case loads of banknotes which are said to have been coated or stamped in order to disguise their identity from the authorities or for "security purposes".
This may even come as a surprise to the victim who, after paying untold fees to have the money finally released, discover it now needs to be cleaned by chemical dye removers before it is useable. Such a process is accompanied with, of course, yet more fees or expenses.
Each bill may be said to have a smudge on its face that will prevent detection by a scanning device as it passed through U.S. Customs or be stamped with the initials "U.N." or "UNDP" (United Nations Development Programme) amid claims that the money is only for overseas use. It could even be deemed un-cashable for security purposes while in transit or while being held by the security company.
The alleged money is shown to the victim, who is told that the black coating or stamps can be removed by washing it with a special compound. The exotic and expensive mix of secret chemicals for cleaning money, which could be referred to as SSD Solution, Vectrol Paste, Lactima Base 98%, microtectine and Tebi-Matonic, is needed to “clean”a trunk or security case supposedly full of these illicit U.S. $100 bills and other millions stored overseas in a vault.
In fact, only a few real, blackened US$100 bank notes are shown to the victim, and the special chemical is ordinary cleaning fluid which reacts with the black mixture of Vaseline and iodine. The remainder of the material in the case is blank, blackened paper often made simply by photocopying with the lid up and cutting the sheets down to banknote size. FYI!

Still Changing:

I have never heard of a hotel not changing currency.

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