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Adam aka Preacher

Well Chuck Norris is backing Huckabee. What do you think? Does any celeb help any candidate?


Well, frankly, who Chuck Norris endorses is no never mind to me. Makes no difference...I have no interest in wasting my support on Huckabee, someone who will not be elected. As far as any celebrity endorsement actually helping a candidate in a tangible way, I CAN say that, depending on who the celeb is, their voice WILL be heard....Oprah is an example of an excellent celebrity endorsement. There are few celebrity endorsements that could match hers, in my opinion.


Oh yeah, I heard Hillary has recruited Hulk Hogan.


Now that right there is AWESOME news!!!! Hahahahaha!!!


In this case it has caused me to lose much respect for Chuck Norris.


I really don't pay attention to which celeb backs which candidate, I prefer to use my own judgment after reading what each candidate has to say.

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