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Cats keep jumping on my car, and leaving weird streaks on it. :( How do I repel them?


Such a CATastrophe! - perhaps you should buy a car cover?

Still Changing:

Call animal control or move your car.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Drive faster and take sharp turns


Build a CATapault.




wrong CATegory


Buy some cat remover -a big mean dog


a bb gun works good it wont kiil them but they will get the point


LOL! That would teach a person to use a BB gun on a defenseless animal though. Those things hurt!


it worked on my brothers cat when he kept jumping on the kitchen table. about 3 pops in the butt and he got the idea


LOL. i know what your weird streaks are. my cat used to do it too. he would climb on top and then slide down the windshield on his bottom. you have skid marks from a cat's behind on your windshield my friend!




yes, i got a good laugh too!


The cats may be trying to escape the dogs, but you are too worried about the cats to see what the dogs are doing. Stopping the dogs would stop the cats from jumping on your car.


It goes with that whole idea of when you wash your car it rains. Well, it also attracts cats

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