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What will happen to my cat allergies if my girlfriends cats move in?

My girlfriend has 2 cats that she wants to have move in with us, i am allergic to cats, will my allergies get worse with the extended exposure?



That depends on your sensitivity to them. Some allergies can be deadly, but I've never heard of a cat allergy being so severe. What are you using if anything to combat your allergy symptoms?
I'm allergic to cats and I've been living with them since I came to stay at my son's house to help him with child care. I have several different allergies and I'm on several different allergy medications. But my sensitivity to cats is simply I get a stuffy nose to the point of having to breathe through my mouth so I could tolerate them even without my medication. I love the cats so to me its worth the trade off. But if my symptoms were worse or I didn't have the medication we would put the cats out. They're basically strays anyway. But I never noticed my symptoms getting worse, just that I had them whenever the cats were around unless I take the allergy medication.


You may be ok if you make sure you wash your hands every time you handle them. And try not to let them get in your face as much as possible.
If it becomes a problem, you might need to see your doctor for some allergy medicine to help counter-act it.
Good luck and I hope everything will be ok. :)


you will be spending a lot more time at the doctors office would be my guess.


yes i would think so


I think it depends, My cat allergy seems to have gotten better the older I get, I was highly allergic to cats years ago, now I can hold a cat and not have any problem.

The Mask:

well i'm allergic to cats also, but your body get used to it after a while so if i gets really bad see a docter but if not tough it out and every thing will be fine
saying from expecnce because my anut had a cat but i got used to it so yeah.....and i was always at her house

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