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How do you remove the smell of cat urine from car upholstery and carpet?

About a week ago (on a Saturday) I had left my car in the driveway with the windows down. In the late afternoon I went out closed the windows and locked the car. In the morning, two days later (Monday), I went out to go to work and opened the door of the car to be greeted by my cat miaowing forlornly. Needless to say she left a bit of a mess in the car (she is fine, survived the ordeal, ready to do it again), fortunately not on the drivers side.A full car detail and two steam cleans of the upholstery later and I still cannot get rid of the smell. Fortunately the weather has been fine so I can drive with the windows and roof down (convertible), but there will come a day soon when I will have to drive all closed up.Does any one have some ideas on how to get rid of the smell?

okay, I just gotta ask, did you not wonder where your cat was the entire weekend?


Well, yes, sort of. We were away all day on the Sunday. By Sunday night we were wondering where she was but not too concerned. The other cat and the dog did not seam to miss her. She sometimes dissappears for a day or two when she is grumpy with us (i.e. wrong type of food, harrassment by dog, etc.)


make a mixture of half water and half white vinegar ....and clean with this .....all the smell will be gone ammonia will only enhance the smell .....i promise this works .....god bless


I wil try this one on the weekend. Thanks.


You can use amonia and amonia. A friend tells me that it will counter act the smell. It will also not harm the carpet. Just be sure to steam clean agian so that you get the chemicals out of your seats.


YIKES>... are you sure your friend is telling you the truth.... i have always heard that using ammonia will only intensify the smell...


True it will smell, but when you steam clean the car and then let it air the smell (I'm told) will be gone.


Not prepared to take the risk with this one. It is only a (very) small two seater car. With the roof and windows up it could get quite oppressive inside.


Oxi Clean. Works on skunk odor as well.


Don't think I can get Oxi Clean here. Not many skunks in Australia.


It's a commercial peroxide and baking soda mix. You can find the peroxide at a hair dressers supply store.


HA HA HA ... okay my friend.. here is the deal... once one pisses in your car... its on!.... i had one pisses in my car about 2 yrs ago... and it has been a tomcat battle ever since... . keep the car windows rolled up!.... there is this solution called KIDS & PETS... it is awesome!.... it will take out the smell.. honest... we will not beable to smell it, but the cats seem too, they still battle with it.... so once your car has been claimed,.. beware!.... sorry for the bad news... but take precautions!


Try the pet accident spray. Then get an air -freshener.


Get some of that spray rug cleaner. Coat your seats real well. Leave it on over-night. Vacuum completely.
Repeat the process a couple more times. But you don't have to leave it on as long. Just the recommended time.
This should get the smell out.
I've had that happen, and this worked for me.
Good luck with it. :)


use natures miracle. get it at a pet store.


one moth ball over night will cure it, or the vacum less carpet form for pets will work
like this one form arm and hammer​6281&skuid=sku3121924&V=G&ec=frgl_568526&ci_src=141109​44&ci_sku=sku3121924


amoia or pinesoil and use the carpet cleaner or suck vac.

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