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For the economy as a whole, is there actually a way someone can waste money?

Besides burning/destroying it....
?? ???e-ee ??:

Buring/destroying it is the only way I could think of..
Maybe if someone puts a lot of money into something and it got destroyed?
Good question!


Our 'government' seems to 'misplace' alot of it...


Misplacing funds.... good answer!


or should I say "Misplacing" funds (note the quotations were added)


Wasn't there a hammer that purchased for thousands of dollars?


But those thousands of dollars went into someone's pocket, who in turn spent the money else where. So for the economy as a whole, the money was not actually "wasted".


good point!


Wasting is in the eye of the observer. I have spent $3200 on dinner for my wife and I and I also paid $5000 a night for a room. I don't consider it waste. but I feel most people would.

?? ???e-ee ??:

I think the question included the words "For the economy as a whole"..

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