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how do u hotwire a car?

get into cars or trucks wit out key?

To successfully hot-wire your vehicle the Accessory and ON circuits must be enabled prior to powering the starter motor circuit. This resembles the normal operation of your key-start where circuits are incrementally enabled relative to key position and with the starter motor being only momentarily enabled. Once you have gained permitted access to the rear of the vehicle's key-start mechanism you will need to determine which wire is connected to each circuit. Using a multi-meter (or test light or similar), check for a voltage on one wire relative to the vehicle's electrical ground as you turn the key to a certain position ie, when you turn the key to Accessory voltage should appear on one wire and disappear when turned back off. There should be one wire with voltage on it even when off, this power source is switched onto the other circuits by the key-start. You can repeat this process with all the key-positions you need to emulate until you understand which circuits you need to manipulate.

Instead of using a multimeter or test light, it is often easier to look up the information required. Remote start units will by definition need access to the same wires (and others besides), and there are Internet databases with listings of wire colors and locations.

Knowing which circuits are which, to non-destructively hot-wire the vehicle use a splicing crimp connector to bring wires for each circuit to a workable length. Using a switch or other method of electrical connection (twisting wires even) connect the always-live wire to the circuits for Accessory and On. At this point and if the instrument cluster is active, you may engage the starter motor circuit by momentarily connecting it to the 'always-powered' circuit. Turning off the vehicle is achieved by simply disconnecting the ON circuit from the voltage source.

Sometimes, it is possible to undertake these operations from within the engine compartment rather than from


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