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Do you remember what happened Dec. 7, 1941...anniversary today?


Pearl Harbor...of course!


Hi GF, what's up today? Work? I am still playing catchup, but been here about 1 1/2 hour now, so got to me or IM me anytime!......;-)


yep work's pouring rain here in CA poured last Friday..


A rainy day on Friday...TGIF anyway, right!! Lordy I wished we lived closer; we could go out and grab a couple cocktails and talk and talk and talk!!!!!....Of course you, too, Linda!!!.....;-)


Thank you Wish! I had no comments to use this morning so I am sorry I cpuld not abswer! Now about that cocktail?????


Boots is right.....and it was that day in 1987 I found out my 1st husband was cheating on let's all go get bombed.......:-/


bastard! well forget's my daughter's BD today...she is 17


Happy Birthday to her!! Yes, I forgot about the Bastard over 20 years ago....But, he is the father to my 3 children, so there will always be that connection...but, no emotional baggage to carry. The one I am with now has erased all unpleasant memories of my past with the beautiful fresh ones he gives me each day!!......;-)


As long as we are talking about Pearl Harbor, do You know who gave the first warning of the .... My father was stationed at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941. ... - 313k -


Peril Harbor & USA jumped into WWII


against Japan


Yeah, Boosh will lay a wreath after they explain it to him as an air-traffic accident.


Sure I do, Pearl harbor was attacked.


Well, I don't ACTUALLY remember, not that old. But yes, Pearl Harbor

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