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Do you think that we here on QnA should have a gathering once a year like the Saturn Car owners do?

Would we recognize one another? Would we wear our avatars in place of name badges? Where should it take place? And When?

Its much more stunning to meet a QnA user in person while doing one of your every day things.
Immediately, you already know what the other person likes doing or does on a regular basis.

If all the QnA users meet in an organized fashion, we'll have a bunch of awkward moments.

And about avatars, yes. For example, s_ron_e will keep staring at everyone with one eye and I will be walking with my hand raised to the left of my face.


OH so your gonna discriminate against us pictureless QnAer's and not allow us in your meeting! Well I am calling my elected official in the morning to have him pass an immediate ordinance to put a stop to this "QnA Society"


"Oh look isn't that Overrandom" "Where" "Over There silly the tall guy with his hand in front of his face" "Wow thats Overrandom, He's alot taller in person" "Yeah I know"
Great answer Overrandom, Thank you.


Not quite, Mstangjil324. Pictureless QnAer's get to wear name tags.

Thanks, Jettz.


Not really, but I think we should have a gathering on why Saturn Cars shouldnt exist, and maybe plot on their demise! (Note my screenname)


Yes I see, I have always liked the early 70's BOSS 'Mstangs and the famed Cobra Jet's. My favorite is the BOSS 351, I love the Cleveland engine. I am glad that they went back to a older style for the current designs. Remember the Mustang II...sorry but yuck.
Hey Thanks Mstangjl324 for your answer.


Yes I like that new retro one too! I have a 1967 mustang, and the new ones have taken alot of features directly from that year.


would be very interesting


Yup forsure. s_ron_e we will know you, because your a Man of few words, but you get right to the point. Yes very interesting is right.
As always s_ron_e thank you for your answer.

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