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Is it wrong or against the Code of Conduct to ask if anyone is looking for a home based business?

I have seen questions on serveral websites that say, "Are you looking for a home based business?" Is it wrong for them to ask that or is it a good way for people to get ahold of potential affiliates? Okay or wrong, your thoughts....

Yes it is, Crystal. It doesn't bother me, but it is stated under "Respect the QnA Format" of the CoC: "No selling. Questions, answers, and comments may not be posted for commercial advertising or marketing purposes."


thank you


Hi Tman, what's shakin. I thought there was an msn marketplace site or something like that to promote businesses?


Heyya, Jackie!! Long time, no see!!! I've been visiting stitchybutt for TWO WHOLE WEEKS and just got back home tonight.
As usual you're right, the icon next to "Live QnA Beta" in the upper left corner has a drop down menu. The "Expo" option will open a page for buying, selling, and of charge. :>)


thanks tman and jackie. I already have a post there, but I have seen people ask on here looking for people the questions are still up. I thought what they were doing might be against some sort of rules, but since the question is still there it made me wonder.
Thanks again for answering


Hi Crystal, you can always post it but it is against the rules. If less than three people report it, it will stay posted. You can always try, I don't think many folks hit the report button on those type of Q's since they aren't really being harmful or rude like troll Q's. If your Q is removed, you will get a slap on the wrist by having some points taken away.....personally the points and status things don't mean diddly to me...Good Luck!!! :>)


It is against the Code of Conduct because it is Spam.


thanks for answering

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