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Cars:Should everyone's creation of toxins into the environment be restricted?

or should we be allowed to pollute freely, as in drive as much as we want, throwing vehicle exhaust into the air?

We're still living like our resources will last another 100 years at the rate at which we consume them (which only can go up, due to our booming population). I'd hate to be a person living 100 - 200 years from now, that is suffering in this world, due to our neglect and carelessness.

The governments of the world don't seem to care. Why should they? Most of the people running them won't be alive in 20 years.


hey Somniis, what are you doing personally to help out? not being sarcastic, just curious. I agree we do need to take care of our environment, i use to cringe living in north jersey and seeing the constant pumping of toxic steam from industries...but there is a price to pay for the comforts we enjoy...


no, they can get ethanol here ,but they don't why take away our rights...


It's usualy 10% of cars that do 90% of the polluting.
Its the cars that need to change.

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