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Who regulates car ins? My son is 18 no accidents or tickets and his ins has doubled in the last yr.


I believe that the insurance companies look at all of the statistics of people of the same age and gender from last year or years past, then determine the amount of insurance from the costs those people of the same age and gender. Basically, your son's insurance has doubled probably because 18-yr old men cost more to the insurance company on average.


Need more information. What else has changed? Was he an add-on to another policy and now on his own. Has he changed residence or vehicles? Did he get a good student discount and is no longer eligible? Credit problems, believe it or not, are now considered when determining premiums. Was he involved in more than one incident, even if he was not at fault (may him in an "at risk" category)? Also, realize that he may not have been fully honest with you about not having had any tickets or accidents. Many of us have had to face the fact that our children are rarely 100% honest with us. They don't want to disappoint us.

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