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If a person doesn't want to be on QnA any longer, why do they ask to be banned? What's the

difference, in just saying good by and being banned?

It has been my experience that most who say anything at all just want other users to beg them to stay. It is usually because they are upset about something that was remove, or someone they had a disagreement with, and they are mad. So they make this big dramatic farewell, and ask to be banned, so other users will be drawn into the drama and beg them to stay. It is for attention.


I have to agree with you MamaV :)


I agree MamaV....Too much drama! Yuck!


Rather like writing on a bathroom stall wall. Very unattractive, yet revealing at the same time. It says alot about the person and their actions. Very sad.


LOL O. hey it gives you something to read, while your doing your business. lol I have learned some real deep meanings to life reading the bathroom walls. You can find a lot of meaning hidden there between the smut and the naked body art. lol


Thanks MamaV. This is what I was thinking but then thought maybe I missed something, with the banning! like it was something SPECIAL:):) to get


I dunno junebug... I just dont get it either... if one is unhappy why not just leave.... empty your space and just leave... that way when you cool off and you want to return you can...


That makes since to me. Thanks mom, thought I was missing something:)




There is that factor. The Me Me Me Generation.


Thanks rettag..Guess we all need to get attention once in awhile:):)


I agree. Why not just leave.


Thanks patpat:)


Hi junebug, I love this question. I thought it was just me that didn't understand this. I have no idea what the difference is. I think it's the same thing but some people like saying they got banned. It add's conversation :) :)


Maybe a little "Drama" Thanks Sparklee:)


Maybe they are making a point? I don't get it either. Hi JB!


Hello Boxermom. Good to see you hope you had a good Thanksgiving:) Thanks!


Yes, a nice quiet Thanksgiving! Good to see you.

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