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X-Roz 316

have you heard of liberty league intl? tell me what they do and have you purchased any products?

I have been approached to join this as a business and was wanting to know how many have heard about it.

There seems to be enough controversy about this scheme to avoid it.

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GuruBusters - Not Recommended >> Liberty League International​l.html

Is There a Liberty League International Scam?


Liberty League or Liberty Scam?


Liberty League International (liberty league intl)


From what I understand and not having worked with LLI, it's an educational product. I believe it will teach you "how to" better stabilize your finances and provide you with the wherewithal to handle your money.

Many that worked with LLI left to go to Wealth Masters International (which provides a better product in my opinion).
I know many have felt taken advantage of with LLI. Essentially they have no marketing system in place that will assist a new person to this industry. Thus - the new person feels as if they wasted tons of money and gained nothing in return.

Be careful of hyped of promises while searching out work in this industry. It can be a very cut throat environment to say the least.

If you are looking at similar products, my best advice would be with Wealth Masters International. Many of the top leaders in LLI left for WMI. They have a marketing system in place that will greatly assist someone new to this business. It's called CCPRO.

Hope that helps some! :)

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