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Where can I find old articles about car accidents?

In particular, there was an accident in the Mammoth Lakes area on April 21st, 2002 I'm trying to find. If anyone could direct me to some kind of archives site or something I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!

Local Mammoth News Paper archive...
CHP California Highway Patrol...or Local Sheriff Department
If You were involved the DMV will have a record of it that they will release to you for about $10.00


See that's the thing I wasn't involved. But a loved one was and can't remember a thing from the accident except stopping at a gas station, and waking up a month and a half later. Do you know where I'd be able to find the archives? I'm trying a google search but thats not exactly my strong point.


Hi Dan
Try to call any resort in Mammoth Lakes area where the accident happened to get local Police info and Local News paper info.
Mammoth Lakes is in Mono County CA so you can google the county seat for more info. Good Luck



Thanks a lot! You've been a great help. I guess saying "it's so easy a caveman could do it" would be a bit of an understatement eh?


LOL ... Thanks Dan
FYI the GEICO cavemen our going to have their own sitcom soon. Watch for it as I am sure it will be funny.


Are they seriously going to have a sitcom about the cavemen? Yeah I can see it being funny, but how far could something like that really go?


Yes they are here is a link. We will soon see how far it will get.​l??source=RSS&attr=_2531626


You could try typing it in on Google, Ask,com,, Yahoo search, or msn search.

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