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Indiana Girl

What is the most important management function?

In management there are basically four functions. Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. In today's dynamic world, for a company that is mainly in construction, what would you think would be the most important function?

I think your list is wrong, it should be :
All of these are important in running a successful business but if you can not communicate with all people you deal with well you are a poor manager and no mater how good you are at the other three your business will never be as successful as it could be.


Communication on all levels.


tell people what to do, and yell "get to work"


To be really successful in managing whether it is construction or any other business, a combination of all the functions is necessary. However organizing function in a construction business is highly important and somehow difficult than rest of the functions because it involves mobilization of resources at large scale which also include human labor force. To be involved in hiring, training, evaluating and rewarding individuals is the difficult task a manager has do do because human behavior varies from person to person. A construction manager has to be good communicator




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