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Mac....Of Moot and Mac

One Dollar store chain....the largest in the USA, had $500,000,000.00 stolen from their stores this

year. this is a discount store that targets poor to lower middle-class. This chain will not buy these objects again and consequently ups the price on everything else. DUUUUUHHHHH!....Don't you people who steal realize that you are screw!ng your own pocketbook?

Where do you get that information ? Half a billion ? That is close to the total sales for the corporation. Please supply better sources, mac.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

From store managers


Which chain was that one? We have a couple of them in our area.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Dollar General


worked for Dollar General 1 year. I have read alot of ya"lls
comments. I live in Texarkana, Texas. I worked maybe three blocks away from my store. I had an excellent Dm for about 10 months. Then everyhting went down hill from there. We got a new Dm. He only came to our store twice when he first took over as dm. Twice in the five months before our inventory. We had a cashier who was sliding merchandise but we really couldn't prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. He was the one who showed us how on the Cash Analysis Chart she was sliding. He told us that she was the one with the most customers and the least basket size. He said she was our problem and there was our theft problem. But for the month we tried to get our dm to help us make sure that this is our problem, he did not once ever let us know what to do, could we fire her, anything. they were investigating the situation. THey suspended her for 1 week then another week. All the while our numbers were coming back up. While she was suspended, she found another job. Our dm told us that while she found another job that was considered her resignation from DG. She was allowed to shop and come and say anything she pleased about us and our company. We tried to get help from our dm and he just let it go. While this was going on with our cashier we found out that we were the ones that were really being investigated. To our suprize, Our store manager was let go on the pretense that she was to take a mini vacation to reflect and take time. She was told that she would be paid for the week off and she would be back on friday. Let me backtrack a sec, five days before she was sent on her mini vacation, Asset protection was in our store and asked us each, by oursleves, THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF ONE STORE'S PROBLEM WITH THEFT! I COULD NOT FIND ANYTHING ELSE!

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

I work in hundreds of these stores...and I hear the horror stories..and see it. Merry Christmas


I believe you! Merry Christmas!

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