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What to do when my lawyer dies and I have him mostly paid for a case and the will holder says he can

return a third of my money. This lawyer is a long time professional friend of mine and I'm lost. I don't know what I will do without him on my side and I am loosing money also. Any ideas? Should I hope for the best or contact the bar? Will it help?

Hello DI!
Considering that he is unable to fulfill his obligation by completing the transaction..All fees paid to him hereby become rendered null and void. His delegate is then obligated to return said fee's back to you on anything that wasn't completely satisfied by the agreement.
It would be important to file suit in order to obtain reimbursement of said monies! Depending upon the amount, go to the court house and file suit against the estate immediately , so that all papers may be served before the estate is settled and dispersed leaving you high and dry.

God's Best! xo:)


It seems to me anyone who buys his practice buys his obligations to you.

You do have a claim against the estate for services owed.

I'd talk to the bar association to get your rights clearly spelled out so you can best deal with the executor of the estate.


I was thinking the bar might be the information source so that I know what facts I have to deal with. thanks- it can't hurt.


Uhhh, I dont think the will holder has your best interests at heart, he didnt have any partners??? And nobody at his office is helping you? If nobody here answers repost it at night, after 6. Cause that doesnt seem remotely ok to me.I think you need to lay a claim with his executor, and it sounds like his executor might just be another lawyer, is he/she?


Yes actually his dad is his executor who of course is a lawyer too and that is really what I expected to happen is for him to have my best interest at heart and just take this case over but even as devistated as I am I have to understand his state in loosing his son. I just am my wits end and don't know what to do. I'm going to have repay another lawyer like this one wasn't hard enough to pay and start all over.


Business is business, I had paper and pen in hand at the Funeral Home when my Father died. I added up charges right along with the Funeral Director, and found an overcharge, that was quickly corrected by them.
You have to get it together even in times of greif for business, I suggest you speak to him again, and have your States Law Statutes on death of business owners owing work in hand- now dont ask me where you can find that info... Check offices of the State, you should be able to slide onto the right track. The phone calls will be worth it. Plus, you have internet for State Statutes. If you dont do alot of homework this guy is going to screw you, he is lucid enough to offer you 1/3!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hes not stupid, but he thinks you are.


Is the holder someone who's unfamiliar with the case you're referring to? If so, is your current attorney in any shape to be able to share any information to help you toward the new holder? Has this happened suddenly to your attorney or was this something that has been a long term issue that has caused the ill situation you are in? I'd get something in writing before he expires. Peace and best of luck : )


He has died out of the blue.

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