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does anyone know projected gas prices for the summer? Government needs to regulate....


Ya if the Government regulates the prices, then the oil companies will only make 16 billion not 32 billion. What a shame. That would put me right out of work if I was a oil person.

They regulate prices in other commodities and no one is out of work becasue of it.

I just find it amazing we cant just have one type of gas. No summer blend, mid blend, califorinia blend etc... Just gas. That would be cheaper for starters.

Also every little thing that seems to drive up oil the same doesn't drive it down when it stops.

Oil went up $3 a barrel not to long ago and prices went up that same day by almost 5 cents, yet when oil goes down $3 a barrel the price does not drop as fast if at all. Its a scam of the highest order and no one will do a darn thing about it, until people stop demanding so much. Less demand, prices drop, simple economics. Oh and just so everyone knows, not buying gas for day, will do absolutly nothing, because what you don't by that day will have to be bought the next day or some day after. Now if everyone took a week off work and stayed home and no one drove anywhere except in an emergency, then it might make a difference.


A drilling operation could cost 16 billion in lobbying, equipment, liscencing, insurance, personel, ect. if a savings account has a better turn over, they'll stop investing in keeping your homes heated, and invest elsewhere.

Gas was cheaper when we got oil from Iraq for 15 - 50 cents a barrel, now we have to pay full price and the world's economy is no longer full of underpriced oil (the prices were deflated), because the food for oil programme is over.


Last I heard, it was projected around $3.50-4.00. They are saying it has to do with supply and demand.If this WAS true, who is buying so many vehicles, and gas, that it increases our prices per gallon, and then decreases...and then increases??


around $4.00


If the government forces prices down, drilling will not pay, and will therfore stop. I don't remember the gas shortages of the 1970's, how did those work out for everybody?


It is $3.10 right now where I live :S
I hope you are having a wonderful day/night
Take care ~Lisa~

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