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Bball Star

What are your favorite games to play in the car?

Or are you like me, and make up a new one every car ride?.. and then force everyone to play. hehe
Eata Beta:

Wow, this question put a smile on my face, thanks. I haven't played games in the car since I was a kid. When I was young, my parents would load us up in the car and take us on a family vacation a few times a year. We played a game that consisted of us looking outside our window and finding words starting from A and going completly through the english alphabet, ending with the letter Z. We could find words posted on street signs, liscense plates, cars, and anything else we could see out the window of our vehicle.


Would this have to be a moving vehicle? I prefer a static location.

I can think of an abundance of interesting games one might play while parked in a deserted location with heavily fogged windows. But that's just me. ;-)


You are a bad boy!!! I don't think that's what dandy is talking about. heh heh


Somehow, I think that I am not alone in my way of thinking. ;-)


I just like to listen to the music and hope the kids stay asleep while I am driving. I hate the "standard question", "Are we there yet?" GRRRRRRRRRRRR


Are we there yet, Mystic?

Eata Beta:

I accidently posted my answer under your comment. My answer is above.


Yeah I still play that with my kids.........


The letter and beginning sounds game was what taught my niece to read.


Guess the song I am humming...........


With a friend? Scott D's answer is pretty good but if it's not that kinda friend, I just like talking to my friends, getting to know them better, small talk, enjoying good company. If I'm traveling alone or with someone whom I don't care for, I just like to think about life and my roll in it or daydream




I thought we were the only ones who did this. Good to know.

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