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what company launched the 1st video game system what year?


Pong is a video game released originally as a coin-operated arcade game by Atari Inc. on November 29, 1972.[


What a great year that was, lol.. man I loved that gaming system. It was the coolest. =) Nerd! BTW, I love nerds.


(In a nerdy voice) And then came space invaders and Pac Man. What a revolution. LOL, I know I'm sad, but I'm into fast cars too.


what about galaga


Ahhh johbee beat me again. lol We actually still have an original Atari system, still in working order. Our kids crack up at it when we drag it out for nostalgic reasons. It is kind of like watching an old black and white movie about space travel from the 1940' Favorite games were of course Pong, and Asteroids.


My kids ask what I did with all the DVD's I had when I was a kid. LOL


lol We also still have the old vinyl records, my young great nephew said wow look at those big cd's what the heck do you play those on. lol (I also have a tape deck and 8tracks. oh yeaH


magnavox "the odyssey" on january 27, 1972.

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